Animal Assisted Activities

One of the biggest perks of visiting us at Downs on the Farm is our Animal Assisted Activities (AAA). Everyone is allowed to play with our animals, but special needs children can gain so much from our animals! Listed below are just some of the amazing benefits children can receive from assisted animal activities!

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What Does AAA Help?

chicken Physical
dog Improve fine motor skills
horse Improve wheelchair skills
pig Improve standing balance
rabbit  Mental Health
chicken Increase verbal interactions between group members
dog Increase attention skills (i.e., paying attention, staying on task)
horse Develop leisure/recreation skills
pig Increase self-esteem
rabbit  Reduce anxiety
chicken Reduce loneliness
dog Educational
horse Increase vocabulary
pig Aid in long- or short-term memory
rabbit  Improve knowledge of concepts such as size, color, etc.
chicken Motivational
dog Improve willingness to be involved in a group activity
horse Improve interactions with others
pig Improve interactions with staff
rabbit  Increase exercise