What We Do

Our Mission Statement

4364389_origDowns On The Farm has three main purposes: we hope to bless and enrich the lives of special needs kids and adults that reach out to us, make homes for as many neglected, unwanted animals possible and give them the care they need, as well as educate others of the importance of responsible agriculture and natural growing techniques.

After having a child with a disability, Shawna & David have learned how important animal therapy can be in the life of a child with special needs. That is why they started DOTF and offer a small acreage farm where kids and adults are welcome to come and enjoy the animals. At the farm, we have a petting zoo with multiple farm animals such as alpacas, chickens, miniature horses, sheep, goats, potbelly pigs, bunnies, chickens, dogs, cats and doves.

8932173_origWe also rescue mistreated, neglected, and unwanted animals in need of finding loving forever homes. These animals are provided with the best veterinarian care, shelter, food, and love available at the farm. Most of the animals find their forever home at our farm sanctuary and some are adopted out to loving homes. All pets are spayed and neutered before placing them into new homes therefore helping with the overpopulation of unwanted pets in our community and state. Here at the farm, we enjoy seeing the special needs children connect with our special needs rescues. We have combined two very meaningful causes into one very special non-profit organization.

Downs On The Farm also helps teach self sustainability. Our goal is to help others learn the importance of responsible agriculture and natural growing techniques. Every person can have a green thumb! Healthy food is an important part of us being able to thrive; it all starts with our soil and growing techniques. Everyone is welcome to learn how to have their very own garden so that they can provide for their families as well as others. Farming is big part of our future: even on a small scale. We truly believe that farming is therapeutic in all aspects and we hope to continue to bring our community together through what we teach.