Daily Visits

Be our guest and come see or participate in all the wonderful things we're doing!
Reserve a day on the farm, plan your party/special occasion, or attend one of our farm events!
All proceeds from visits benefit our non-profit, Downs on the Farm.

Family Package $40

  • One Hour on the Farm.*
  • Unlimited Petting Zoo Time
  • Train Rides
  • Commercial Playground Access
  • Package includes up to 4 people.**

*Price increases as time and guest amount increase. $40 is base price for 4 or less guests at 1 hour.

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Sheriff's Jail Escape Room $25 Per

  • $25 per Person
  • 45 minutes in the Escape Room
  • 15 minutes in our Western styled photo booth!

You must have been stealing cows or bootlegging moonshine because you and your group ended up in jail. You have a 45 minute window while the Sheriff is out at Rosie's Tavern for some vittles, to escape. You must work together to help each other escape out of your jail cells, and then work at finding the key to escape the Sheriff's Office. He's a hanging Sheriff so you don't want to be around when he gets back.

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Animal Assisted Activities $200

6 Sessions Each 1 Hour

DOTF offers individualized programs for children to participate in animal assisted activities, one hour a week, for 6 consecutive weeks. Families/therapists work with our Executive Director to set goals and track progress over the term. Each child works one-on-one with a trained volunteer or your therapist with the goal of complementing existing therapies and targeting focus areas.

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Large Group Visits

Party Package $225

  • 2 Hours On The Farm
  • 15 to 29 guests**
  • Unlimited Train Rides
  • Unlimited Petting Zoo Time
  • Commercial Playground
  • Activity Barn with Tables, Chairs, and Barn Decor
  • Bath Room
  • Small Kitchen

**Price per guest is $15.00 with a base price of $225 for 15 attendees. Price increases as guest amount increases.

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Yoga with Goats
Private Session Varies

Love Yoga? Love Goats?
Bring out your inner yogi and love of goats by participating in a yoga session -get this- with goats. Minimum 12 people needed to reserve. $25 per person.

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School Field Trips Varies

  • Fun facts and basic care of our animals
  • How to safely groom the goats and horses
  • Petting and holding rabbits, chickens, etc.
  • Walking an animal on a lead through a short obstacle course
  • Farm scavenger hunt
  • Hiking through the 25 acres of woods
  • Train Rides
  • Farm related crafts
  • Assisting in gardening activities
  • Bee keeping lessons
  • Contact us now to plan your field trip!

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