Certified Web & Graphic Designer
Aspiring Software Engineer
NASA Intern
DOTF Board Member

Hello! My name is Brooke Weborg and I’m currently a full-time student attending Lorain County Community College and The University of Toledo. I’m majoring in Computer Science and Engineering, but am already a certified Web & Graphic Designer. I designed Downs on the Farm’s website using the Kause template on WordPress, but previously I have fully coded and designed two of their websites using Adobe Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Some of the things I do at Downs on the Farm include, but are not limited to, helping Shawna -the director- make major decisions, creating promotional materials for DOTF, shooting farm photography, and also volunteering at our events. All the work I do is free because I truly believe in our mission: we hope to bless and enrich the lives of special needs kids and adults that reach out to us as well as to make homes for as many neglected, unwanted animals possible and give them the care they need.

DSCF7166I love animals like everyone else who volunteers at Downs on the Farm so I thought I’d share a bit about my own pets! My cat Neko and my dog Sadie are my cuddle buddies; I love them to death! Both of them have personalities of their own. Neko loves to cuddle with me at bedtime, but not like most cats. DSCF6820He’s up close and personal so it is not uncommon for him to fall asleep in my arms or on my head. Sadie is super smart and loves to smile. She’s lifts her lips and smiles when she’s happy, but she also smiles when she knows she’s done something wrong!