Meet Gizmo!

Meet Gizmo aka Gizzy! This poor guy has been through so much! He spent the first 5 years of his life in a very bad situation. A few weeks ago Gizmo was lucky enough to find himself in caring hands where he got the love and care he desperately needed. However the vet found his condition to be SO awful that Gizmo had to have one of his back legs amputated. Hearing of his story in the nearby town of Akron, we knew that Gizmo needed to spend the rest of his life being spoiled and cared for the way he deserves. SO meet our new sweet addition! We think there is no better place for Gizmo than a place where special needs are so welcome! When you visit the farm you will see how happy Gizzy is, even hopping on just 3 legs. Welcome Home Giz!

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