Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with us here on the farm! Whether it’s coming to participate in one of our events, volunteering, or donating, all of these and more help to keep our non-profit up and running! Here’s a list of what you can do to help!


chicken Buy some of our natural produce when you visit.
dog Volunteer to help us with a project(s).
horse Like, Share, or Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter!
pig Make plans to visit us on the farm!
rabbit  Attend one of our many events!
chicken Host a fundraiser for Downs On The Farm.

Natural Produce

Currently on the farm we’re harvesting fresh, naturally produced honey and fruits, as well as organic fed, free range, chicken eggs! Pricing will soon be posted. If you’re interested in purchasing some of our natural produce, contact us.




We’re always looking for those willing to help! We might not need you right away, but we most likely have an upcoming event or project that we could use your assistance with! If you love working with kids and animals we need you! Keep up on our blog posts for upcoming events you may want to participate in, and if you do please contact us.


Make Plans to Visit


We do daily visits, group visits, and we’ll even host your special occasion! When you pay to come see us you’re supporting the great things we do here! Some of these great things include, but are not limited to, caring for our animals, providing low cost animal assisted activities to special needs children, hosting great events in the community, and adding fun additions to the farm for kids, like the playground.  To find more information on activities, pricing, as well as booking your visit click here or contact us.

Attend An Event

16Currently, with the lack of funding we have not yet been able to have our “grand re-opening” here in Ohio. The picture to the right is from our Annual Barnyard BBQ we held in Colorado, which as of late is not very annual anymore. Please help us change this by contributing to our cause! When we announce an event you can find it on our facebook page, on our blog or events page, as well as announced on our home page.

Host A Fundraiser

Since we are a fully functioning farm, we don’t always have time to get out and raise money for the non-profit which is a huge problem. As a non-profit, we use any money raised to support animals, events, upcoming projects, or current ones in action. When we have a low budget, it cuts down on the amount of awesome events and projects we can do for both kids and animals.

This is what you can do to help.

By hosting a fundraiser for us, you are contributing to something great. You’re also utilizing skills such as leadership, organization, money management, people skills, and much more. It’s overall a great learning experience, but it’s also fun!

So how do you get started?

There are a few things you need to do to plan a successful fundraiser.

horse Get a group to support you and become volunteers.(Some with experience)
pig **Open a Bank account (Depends on How much you plan on raising as well as how you’re doing it.)
rabbit  Brainstorm what the event is going to be
chicken Contact us. We’ll help as much as well can as well as keep you in contact with a board member or the director.
dog Pick a location and tour it to make sure you have enough room. (map it out)
horse Determine a date and time. Make sure the majority of your volunteers are capable of volunteering, you have enough time to plan/organize, and your location is available for that day.
pig What kind of payment will you accept for what you are doing?
rabbit  Free Admission or Tickets?(Pre-Sell online?)
chicken Advertise! Social Media is a great way to get the word out! And it’s FREE!
dog Make Flyers for the Event. We do have a Web & Graphic Designer that works free of charge for DOTF so please get in touch if you would like professional flyers.
horse Make sure you have plenty of cash/change, a lock box, and someone extremely trustworthy running the locked cash drawer.
pig Start the event!
rabbit  Clean up after. Make sure you keep all receipts so you can take money to pay for your expenses.
chicken After paying for expenses, any remaining money can be delivered to Downs On The Farm or put into a bank account and transferred through Paypal.

Anyone who uses our organization name unauthorized to raise money will be prosecuted. We do not take kindly to those who wish to dishonestly “fundraise”.