Down On The Farm

We're Providing Unconditional Love for Animals & Touching the Hearts of Kids With Special Needs

Downs On The Farm is a federally approved 501c3 non-profit organization. Our goal is to touch the lives of children and adults with special needs or disabilities by providing Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) for very low cost. We believe every person with special needs should have access to AAA because it is immensely beneficial to physical and mental health. We also strive to bring families together and create strong support systems by hosting events. Beyond that, we’ve created a farm sanctuary for the neglected animals we’ve rescued over the years, providing the love, shelter, and food they never received. We also teach self sustainability, the importance of responsible agriculture, and natural growing techniques for your garden.


  • Farm Insurance - 100%
  • Winter Feed For Animals - 0%
  • Handicap Restroom - 40%
  • Pavilion - 0%
These are current necessities and projects we are seeking funding for. You can aid us by donating or by letting us host your party!

Did You Know?

At Ages 4 & 5

Autistic Kids with Pets Showed Social Growth

[Autistic] children who received a pet at age 4 or 5 showed major improvement in two social skills that are not only difficult for autistic people, but are also critical in sustaining human relationships: sharing with others and comforting people in distress.…Read More

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